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Underwater Salvage and Rescue ROV. It can do underwater net or rope cutting


VVLAI takes the lead in developing and successfully exporting a set of seabed mining robots with a daily output of 500 tons used in the submarine amber mining operation in the Baltic Sea of Russia. The product adopts the company’s original filtering
mining sorting technology to realize the one-time completion of the mining and sorting process, and the operation is efficient and stable. This is the first successful commercial subsea filtering mining robot in the world.

Underwater Multi-functional Detection ROV

Based on the current maintenance requirements of cascade hydropower stations in the basin, the underwater multi-functional operation machine is developed and manufactured as a special
cable-type robot for underwater maintenance of hydropower stations, which can enter and leave the reservoir area, tailwater, flow channel, culvert, and other environments. The central unit carries multi-functional parts such as an underwater camera, navigation sonar, side scan sonar, and ultra-short baseline positioning, which can realize underwater positioning, self-examination, and acoustic inspection. The whole system adopts the original way of combining multiple adding layers, including the mechanical arm layer, cleaning and grinding layer, sub-machine layer, and track layer. According to the actual needs, the main unit can be used with single or two layers
of adding layers respectively, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly. It can integrate camera, sonar scanning, salvaging, obstacle clearing, cleaning, polishing, shearing, pipeline inspection, and other functions. Practical underwater maintenance functions can replace divers to a certain extent to ensure personal safety and improve work efficiency


The underwater dredging robot achieves the construction operation of “no man going down the well, no road excavation, no water cut-off, and no mud falling on the ground,” which not only improves the efficiency of dredging but also effectively solves the safety problems brought by dredging. The underwater dredging robot is designed with a super small body and waterproof cable. The diving depth can reach 50m. The machine is pushed forward and concentrated to the suction
port through the sludge recovery device. The sludge is sucked in by the suction pump and discharged by the sewage pump. Walking in the sludge has a large pulling force and is durable. Equipped with a high-definition muddy water network camera, it can observe the condition of the inner wall of the pipeline in all directions.

“Pioneer” GLP 800

“Pioneer 800” cable laying robot is a high-power underwater special operation robot newly developed by our company. It mainly uses high-pressure water jets to dig trenches on the seabed and its mechanical mechanism to complete cable laying. “Pioneer 800” will also replace the sprocket ditching module according to on-site soil conditions.